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Using the EMP to Expand Entrepreneurial Mindset in Brazil

By EMP Staff

Our EMP staff recently sat down with our good friend and EMP Master Practitioner, André Machado, and two of his colleagues and EMP Practitioners, Lisiane Vieira de Abreu and Cleuza de Jesus Zanatta, to discuss how they are using the EMP in Brazil. Although Brazil is experiencing many challenges with COVID-19 and the economy in general, these EMP Practitioners have found unique ways to enhance entrepreneurial mindset through the use of the EMP.

EMP:  Thanks to all of you for visiting with us today! And a special thanks to you, André, for certifying Lisiane and Cleuza. Lisiane, I’d like to start with you first and ask if you can give us an overview of how you work with the EMP.

Abreu:  In Brazil, most companies have in-house leadership programs for individual leaders, managers or supervisors, so it’s typical for HR Directors to have external consultants such as myself help with some aspect of these programs through assessment, feedback and coaching. In this scenario, I usually work with corporate executives and use the EMP along with other assessment instruments from PDA International, the DiSC Profile and the Resilience Questionnaire from PSI. I work with companies from a variety of different industries including manufacturing, services and technology.

EMP:  What do you think are the main benefits to the EMP?

Abreu:  I think the EMP is useful in identifying how corporate managers with innovation skills can lead companies toward the future. Since I work with HR Directors to come up with individualized development plans for leaders, we use the EMP feedback report to guide ongoing improvement. The EMP gives very specific information on all of the scales. It’s different from other tools where I might have to draw inferences rather than seeing exact items. As an example, if someone is particularly low in Idea Generation or Execution, for instance, I will work closely with HR to address those development needs, and that might result in a targeted workshop, additional training or one-on-one coaching. I’ve also developed my own version of a Group Report which I use primarily with C-level executives to make connections and linkages to results from other instruments.

EMP:  Do you work with any other clients?

Abreu:  Yes, I also work with people who previously held executive positions who now are wanting to start their own businesses and are at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journeys. Many times this might be someone in their 40s who was invited to exit the corporate world and is now wanting to be an interpreter. The EMP serves as a wonderful benchmark for them, and then we are able to provide excellent information to their mentors to help guide them in their entrepreneurial pursuits. I also work with private investors who invest their money in start-ups and want to evaluate the entrepreneurial mindset of the team in charge of the business.

EMP:   Thank you so much, Lisiane. And now let’s turn to Cleuza. I understand you work primarily with two different audiences. Can you tell us a little more about that?

Zanatta:  Sure! My partner is a law school professor so I work with recent law school graduates who want to start their own law firms, and I also consult with corporate leaders from a variety of industries.

EMP:  How has the instrument been of benefit to the law grads?

Zanatta:  The law graduates are often in a hurry to get going and make money, but, interestingly, 90% of them score very low on Self-Confidence, so we have developed special training for this. Fortunately, they are very thirsty for knowledge and are eager to get the additional training because they realize having strong entrepreneurial skills will help them be successful.

EMP:  What aspect of the EMP do you find most useful with your corporate clients?

Zanatta:  The EMP Development Guide has been extremely helpful for a variety of reasons. When I work with corporate clients, I am just one piece of a larger, overall process which often involves an initial feedback session, coaching and ongoing mentoring. Sometimes I play a role in all of these aspects, and sometimes I am passing along a summary report to other mentors. Regardless, though, the tips and recommendations in the Development Guide prove to be very useful to the client. We also are able to customize an action plan pulling out specific points from the Development Guide which have the most meaning for the clients.

EMP:  How have your clients responded to the EMP?

Zanatta:  The response has been very positive. One person who took it said it made him “feel naked” because the results were so accurate with his perception of himself! Other comments were as follows:

  • “The EMP gave me increased clarity of how much I needed to measure my entrepreneurial mindset and to know what steps I needed to take and which ones I didn’t need. I realize now how entrepreneurial skills can help me to achieve my goals. The Future Focus and Self-Confidence scales were the two skills that had the most impact on my perception as an entrepreneur.”
  • “The EMP gave me a global vision about myself as an entrepreneur and as a person, showing what areas I need to develop. It’s an incredible tool that allows us to develop the skills we need while also revealing blind spots. The results and the feedback helped me to develop some habits that changed how I position myself as a professional in the market.”
  • “The EMP was a key element for my development, growth and awareness of my skills in the mentoring process. This work has contributed a lot to identify and correct the gaps both in my professional and personal life. It also played a huge role in identifying my competencies, strengths and talents. It is an exceptional resource for team leaders and entrepreneurs.”

EMP:  Thanks to all of you for your time today. We really appreciate the great work you’re doing with the EMP, and we wish you continued success!

André Machado-Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP) Master Practitioner
Lisiane Vieira de Abreu-Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP) Practitioner
Cleuza de Jesus Zanatta-Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP) Practitioner

André Machado,

Lisiane Vieira de Abreu,

Cleuza de Jesus Zanatta,

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® (EMP) [] is an excellent way to get an in-depth view of the entrepreneurial mindset and see how your personality traits and skill sets compare to those of corporate managers and entrepreneurs. Available online, the EMP provides scores on 14 different scales including Risk Acceptance, Passion, Need to Achieve, Future Focus, Idea Generation and Persistence among others. The EMP Feedback Report comes with a Debrief Video and a comprehensive Development Guide for continuous improvement.

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