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Educators & Students

As academic programs in entrepreneurship continue to expand throughout the world, there are numerous applications for the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP) in educational settings.


Teachers and administrators from colleges and universities that have either academic or non-credit-bearing programs in entrepreneurship can use the EMP to help students understand both the concept of the entrepreneurial mindset as well as their own unique profiles. Combining feedback from the EMP with the accompanying Development Guide helps students leverage their entrepreneurial strengths and target areas for development.

Using the instrument in an academic setting offers a contemporary approach (beyond the “nuts and bolts”) of teaching entrepreneurship. Since the EMP can be woven into existing curricula and presented in group settings, it provides a simple, but effective, process for learning. It also may have value as a pre-and post-test measure of the impact of entrepreneurship curricula.


Taking the EMP can be very useful to students who want to major or minor in entrepreneurship or who are seeking even broader academic and career direction. The Feedback Report provides an initial “benchmark” to help students explore their entrepreneurial abilities, and the Development Guide offers excellent tips and resources for those who are seeking continuous improvement.

Academic Advisors/Career Counselors

Because of stronger competition in the current job market, career services at colleges and universities have to find new ways of helping students succeed beyond the classroom. EMP results can serve as one important piece of a larger puzzle for students who are deciding on majors, making career choices and preparing for successful careers and service to society.


Collecting EMP data from students around the world leads to new and highly specific student norm groups against which learners of all disciplines will be able to compare their EMP results. A number of entrepreneurship educators are currently involved in research projects of this kind.

Entrepreneurship Programs for Students and Educators - Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP)
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Rebecca White, Ph.D., James W. Walter Chair of Entrepreneurship, Professor and Director
Entrepreneurship Center, University of Tampa, Florida, USA

Rolling out the EMP at the University of Tampa has been an exciting way to get students focused on their entrepreneurial mindset and skills. We’ve been impressed by how much students are learning about themselves through the individual assessment, and we plan to use the composite EMP data to develop programmatic enhancements.