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Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP) Team Workshop Facilitator Kit + Certification

Drive team innovation and productivity with an assessment-based approach to entrepreneurial mindset


The EMP Team Workshop Facilitator Kit is a resource for EMP Certified Practitioners who are working with teams or groups. Specifically designed to be used with the EMP Group Report, this Facilitator Kit has step-by-step instructions and materials for conducting a half-day training session with a team or group of individuals.

Why the EMP?

The foundation of the EMP Team Workshop is the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® (EMP), a research-based assessment instrument which looks at 14 scales critical to entrepreneurial success. Since having an “entrepreneurial mindset” is a key factor to generating new business growth, anyone, regardless of age, experience level or type of organization can benefit from developing these skills.

The EMP Team Workshop helps teams identify and leverage their entrepreneurial strengths as well as target areas for development. By exploring how group results compare to norm groups of entrepreneurs and corporate managers, teams can decide which scales need attention and then create action plans to meet their specific objectives and the overall mission of the organization.


This Facilitator Kit provides many benefits, both to the EMP Practitioner conducting the workshop as well as to the actual participants attending the workshop.

For Facilitators

  • A complete program which can be duplicated exactly or serve as a basic framework upon which to build your own program using the EMP
  • A true time saver with content that is fully developed and geared specifically toward teams
  • Modules which provide flexibility in content and scheduling
  • Ready-to-go exercises, a PowerPoint presentation and additional training materials
  • Logistics outline to guide pre- and post-workshop preparation


An electronic version of the EMP Team Workshop Facilitator Guide (PDF)
A corresponding PowerPoint presentation
One set of Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile Quote Cards


EMP Certification + Facilitator Kit
Corporate Professionals, Coaches & Consultants: $875
Government & Non-Profit Employees: $725
College & University Educators: $525

Facilitator Kit Only
Existing EMP Practitioners: $150


For Participants

  • New knowledge about the entrepreneurial mindset and the 14 scales on the EMP
  • Opportunity to take the EMP and receive their own personal Feedback Report and EMP Development Guide
  • Discussion of how individual strengths impact the entire team
  • Insights as to the strengths and development areas for the team as a whole
  • Detailed team action planning to address specific leadership challenges

Workshop Content

Each main section includes the Learning Objective, Time Requirement, and Description of how to facilitate the module.

  • Introductions and EMP Quote Cards Exercise: Fostering an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Overview and Key Principles of the EMP: Learning the philosophy behind the EMP.
  • EMP Scales: Discovering the most important scales for a particular team.
  • Review of a Sample Feedback Report: Understanding key elements of the Feedback Report.
  • Individual Review of Feedback Reports: Receiving individual feedback on the 14 scales.
  • Group Exercise #1: Processing initial reactions to the individual feedback.
  • Group Exercise #2: Exploring how individual strengths impact the entire team.
  • Group Report Review: Identifying entrepreneurial strengths and development areas for the team as a whole.
  • Team Action Planning: Leveraging team strengths and applying the results to the team’s mission and objectives.

What's Included In the Facilitator Kit

Upon successful completion of EMP Certification, Practitioners will receive

*One set can be used with up to 14 people. Additional cards may be purchased for $35 per set.


You can save $25 on the EMP Team Workshop Facilitator Kit if you bundle it with your registration fee to become an EMP Certified Practitioner. Read more about the benefits of EMP certification.

EMP Certification + Facilitator Kit

  • Corporate Professionals, Coaches & Consultants: $900→$875
  • Government & Non-Profit Employees: $750→$725
  • College & University Educators: $550→$525

Future EMP Practitioners


Facilitator Kit Only

  • Existing Practitioners: $150

Existing EMP Practitioners


Please note that the Team Workshop requires the EMP Certified Practitioner to purchase an individual assessment license for each participant in the workshop as well as one overall EMP Group Report license for the team as a whole. Special license pricing discounts are available based on industry and volume. Contact [email protected] or 855-602-7765 to inquire.
Certification qualifications will be verified upon submitting an online application.


What is the EMP Team Workshop Facilitator Kit?

The EMP Team Workshop Facilitator Kit is a new resource built specifically around the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® (EMP). We know that creating new training content can be both challenging and time-consuming. This Facilitator Kit offers EMP Certified Practitioners an easy solution to that dilemma as it contains activities and exercises to be used with teams when debriefing an EMP Group Report.

Why is the EMP useful with teams?

Even though the EMP was developed by looking at what distinguishes entrepreneurs from corporate managers, the assessment’s behaviors and skillsets are critical for all teams in the “VUCA” (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world in which we all now live. And even if a team’s goals aren’t about “entrepreneurial mindset” per se, the instrument’s scales are broadly useful for what teams need to do when creating a vision, executing a plan, persisting for the sake of accomplishing very ambitious goals, etc. For example, school superintendents in a recent program found the EMP very relevant to their leadership team in supporting student achievement even though the word “entrepreneur” never entered their minds.

Who can use the Facilitator Kit?

The Facilitator Kit is available to educators, organizational trainers, individual coaches and consultants who are certified in the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP). Certified EMP Practitioners can purchase the Facilitator Kit and begin using the materials immediately.

What’s in the Facilitator Kit?

The Facilitator Kit contains an outline for conducting a half-day workshop with teams who have taken the EMP and includes the following:

  • Instructions and timeline for preparing for the workshop
  • Workshop agenda
  • Group exercises and activities which include the Learning Objective, Time Requirement and Process/Description
  • Materials for the Entrepreneurial Mindset Quote Cards Exercise
    PowerPoint Presentation

What is the advantage of using the Facilitator Kit?

The Facilitator Kit enables teams to examine their EMP results in an effort to become more effective rather than simply providing awareness to individuals. Unlike some assessment tools where higher scores are always considered better or more desirable, the real value in exploring the EMP dimensions comes from examining a particular team’s context:

  • What is their function—Sales or Operations?
  • What is the industry—Energy or Hospitality?
  • What are the current market conditions affecting the team?
  • What are the long term plans?

These questions are not only pertinent, but they allow the teams themselves (and the consultants working with them) to fully understand what they’re good at and where they lack skills. In other words, teams can discuss the EMP scales in the context of these issues ahead of time and then cross-reference them later with their actual results. Obviously, it can be very motivating when there is strong alignment.

Since the outline and exercises for the workshop are already fully developed and the Kit comes with guidelines and tips on presenting, all of the materials can be integrated into your training with virtually no design time or effort. Not only does the Kit save you time, but it also enriches participants’ understanding of the EMP.

How can I use the Facilitator Kit?

The Facilitator Kit can be used in conjunction with a variety of different interventions including team development, strategic planning or innovation. You can supplement your existing programming by adding in certain elements, or you can use the entire half-day session as a stand-alone program.  In either event, the Kit is an inexpensive way to add value to your current resources.

How do I purchase the Facilitator Kit?

If you are already an EMP Certified Practitioner, you can purchase the Facilitator Kit by submitting an online order form.
If you are applying to become an EMP Certified Practitioner, you will enjoy a $25 discount by bundling your certification registration fee with the Kit.

How much does the Facilitator Kit cost?

The cost of the Facilitator Kit is $150 for existing EMP Practitioners. For certification applicants bundling the Kit with their registration, the cost is $125.

What else should I consider before purchasing the Facilitator Kit?

Consider the cost (in hours) of developing a new format or designing new exercises by yourself versus paying a simple, one-time fee covering a complete, half-day workshop. Both new and seasoned consultants can benefit from adding this Facilitator Kit to their toolbox.

Future EMP Practitioners


Existing EMP Practitioners