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Coaches & Practitioners

We invite consultants of all kinds (executive coaches, consulting psychologists, organizational development specialists, internal human resources professionals etc.) to learn how the EMP can be of value to your clients.

As you explore the benefits of the tool, please keep in mind the core values which are most important to us:

Sound Psychometrics

Strong Partnerships

Reliable Client Support

The EMP is a research-based tool which shows solid evidence of reliability and validity.

We have formed strong relationships with a network of carefully trained consultants from around the world.

Our responsive staff is committed to helping you along each step of the way from getting certified to developing programming using the instrument.

A Focus on Growth

Top-Notch Administrative Services

Our Consultant Functionality is not only user-friendly, but it allows for easy access and remote monitoring of your deliverables on a 24-hour basis.

The EMP was designed to help people grow in their entrepreneurial abilities. The descriptive feedback report and accompanying Development Guide fosters authentic change.

Coaches & Practitioners - Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP)

Using The EMP

Given the current interest in the entrepreneurial mindset, the ways in which coaches and consultants can use the EMP are wide-ranging.  Within a corporate arena, there are five target areas for which it is especially well suited.

Leadership Development

Our research suggests that to compete successfully in the 21st century, organizations must be driven by an entrepreneurial mindset.  Current economic conditions require that companies think in a more entrepreneurial way to survive, so it is essential that corporate employees, and especially leaders, have these fundamental skills.  With in-depth feedback on 14 scales, the EMP allows leaders to compare their scores with entrepreneurs so they can leverage their strengths and target areas for further development.

Team Development

The composite information displayed in EMP Group Reports can be invaluable in determining training needs and strategies for the future.  Areas of strength can be celebrated, and development areas can be specifically addressed in targeted, follow-up sessions.  Furthermore, an examination of the ranges of scores within a particular group can help teams identify skill sets which are not strong on average, but on which one or more team members have particular strengths.  Facilitating open discussions about EMP team feedback not only can clarify goals and objectives, but it also can lead to increased growth and productivity.  Group Reports can be produced for intact teams, specific departments or customized groups.

Manuelle Charbonneau, Ph.D., Bicultural and Bilingual French/US Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer
Los Angeles, California, USA

The EMP is a user-friendly, well-researched, and pragmatic assessment that provides tremendous value to my consulting and coaching clients. It delivers actionable insights to both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, the new breed of people with this entrepreneurial mindset that HR and senior leaders are trying to identify and cultivate to grow their businesses. My clients have found the EMP very useful and I highly recommend it. It is also very reasonably priced for an assessment and report of such quality.

Individual Coaching/Career Development

The EMP can be used alone or in combination with other assessment tools to help talented leaders and individual contributors move into more complex or demanding roles and prepare them for future career growth.  This approach is often used in one of the three following scenarios:

  1. The employee has attended some type of training program either within the organization or from an outside vendor and would like additional, follow-up coaching specifically in the area of “entrepreneurial mindset”;
  2. The employee does not particularly like group learning environments and prefers a one-on-one setting; or
  3. The employee is especially interested in increasing his entrepreneurial capacity and wants targeted assistance.

In each of these cases, feedback on the EMP and subsequent coaching can be very beneficial.

Team Formation

Although the EMP should be used primarily for development as opposed to selection, it can be a useful tool for selecting from among existing employees the ones who are best suited for roles on project teams.  Examining specific scales depending on the nature of the project can be illuminating.  For example, an organization interested in staffing project teams to develop and implement a new strategic plan would likely seek high scores on different EMP dimensions for:

  1. Creating the strategic plan (Future Focus and Idea Generation)
  2. Aligning the organization behind the strategic plan (Optimism and Interpersonal Sensitivity) and
  3. Leading the actual implementation of the plan (Action Orientation and Execution)

Organizational Development

The EMP can be used on a company-wide scale to maximize the potential of the entire organization.  Before implementing an organizational development initiative, there is great value in first diagnosing and understanding the impact of the organization’s “entrepreneurial culture” on the new initiative.  Widespread feedback throughout an organization establishes the foundation needed for changing an organization’s culture to one in which effective entrepreneurial responses are the norm rather than the exception.  This kind of comprehensive approach helps to “unleash” entrepreneurial capacity and benefit the organization as a whole.

Getting Certified

For coaches, consultants and trainers who wish to use the EMP with their own clients, we offer an EMP certification to ensure that you have a clear and thorough understanding of the EMP’s development, interpretation, and application. The certification process may be completed virtually, via webinar.

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