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How the EMP Benefits Mid-Level Business Executives: A Conversation with EMP Practitioner Dawn Klatzko

By EMP Staff

“When setting out on a coaching journey, it is not unreasonable for entrepreneurs to realize that they don’t know what they don’t know. The EMP is a framework of sanity for entrepreneurs in that it gives them an excellent starting point. It helps them check in on what talents and skills they already have at their disposal and where to focus.” —Dawn Klatzko, The Art of the Suit

This quote is just one of the interesting comments from our recent conversation with Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® (EMP) Practitioner Dawn Klatzko, Executive and Business Coach at The Art of the Suit.

EMP: Dawn, we’re so pleased to talk with you today. You have an intriguing path to your current job. Tell us a little about how you came to establishing The Art of the Suit.

Klatzko: I had been in advertising for three decades and had my own agency and film production company for over 20 years. Following the successful sale of my company in 2012, I reinvented my career to do more consulting and mentoring as a means of sharing the lessons and insights I wish someone had told me earlier in my career.

EMP: With whom do you mostly work?

Klatzko: I work primarily with mid-level business executives, especially in the SME (small to medium enterprise) and entrepreneurship areas. Since I have a passion for this entrepreneurial space, the EMP was a natural enhancement to my basket of services.

EMP: Why do you think it was such a perfect fit?

Klatzko: I find that entrepreneurs don’t know what they don’t know. The EMP is a framework of sanity for entrepreneurs in that it gives them an excellent starting point. It helps them check in on what talents and skills they already have at their disposal and then where to focus next. Sometimes people misunderstand what it means to be an entrepreneur or what the concept of “entrepreneurial mindset” really is, but I think the EMP provides a superb format for clarifying it for them.

EMP: Give us a little taste of how you use the EMP.

Klatzko: I do some prep work ahead of time by engaging with the client and making sure they have an open mindset about the whole process. I want them to know that the EMP isn’t a “test” or any kind of “judgment” but more of a guideline and a framework. I also encourage self-reflection ahead of going into the report.

EMP: What kind of self-reflection?

Klatzko: Well, we don’t just jump right into the report. Prior to seeing their results, we discuss the Personality and Skills scales generally and probe if there are any essential aspects of entrepreneurship they feel would be essential for their current position and where they think they rank on that scale. Inevitably, they often judge quite well where they are underperforming. What I find most interesting is when there is that extremely high score on a certain scale, and there is a need to temper that behavior because there is the possibility of overplaying that particular strength.

EMP: What benefits do you think the EMP offers?

Klatzko: I see it as not just a report but as a safe space to look at development needs. It’s a fantastic reflection exercise and an excellent framework for engagement. I like to debrief the report over a number of sessions rather than just dumping all that data in one session. One thing that I find so valuable is the depth of further research and further study that is offered in the Development Guide. It is like having an entire research team at your disposal!

EMP: Do you ever use the EMP with teams?

Klatzko: Yes. I have them negotiate as a group what the goals are or ask them “What are we striving to achieve as a group of entrepreneurs?” It’s a very collaborative approach where they agree ahead of time to share their highlights with each other in a confidential manner, and they buy in to the objectives and the purpose of how to approach it.

EMP: I’ve seen where you sometimes use the EMP along with another instrument called the Mind Dynamix Profile (MDPi) which is based on advancements in neuroscience.

Klatzko: Yes, the Mind Dynamix Profile is a functional instrument that is an indication of neurological hard-wiring. I feel as if the two instruments work in tandem or complement each other. Very often an aspect of the EMP can be endorsed or explained by an aspect of the Mind Dynamix Profile. For example, I have drawn parallels between Mind Dynamix profiles that suggest the person processes information emotionally first in tandem to the EMP’s Interpersonal Sensitivity. I find it very intriguing as well as assuring when you have two profile reports that help explain one another.

EMP: What’s one thing you tell your clients when you’re using the EMP with them?

Klatzko: I tell them that leadership can be learned and that every EMP profile is a brief on your potential, not a penalty sentence. If you don’t know where your expertise is or what you have already got, how on earth do we agree and put goals for development on the table? The EMP is an excellent starting point or benchmark.

EMP: Dawn, thanks so much for your time today and all of your helpful insights with the EMP. We wish you all the best as you continue to use the instrument with your clients.

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Dawn Klatzko is an Executive and Business Coach and Founder of The Art of the Suit. She can be reached at [email protected].

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