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Leading With An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Webcast: Wednesday, August 23 at noon EDT (30 minutes plus Q&A)

Attend this exclusive webcast hosted by Jennifer Hall, Ph.D., co-author of the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP)™ assessment, who will outline how the entrepreneurial mindset is critical for driving growth and innovation in organizations.

Webcast Highlights:

  • Understand the value of entrepreneurial mindset for leaders and teams charged with driving growth and innovation within their organizations
  • Learn about the 14 characteristics and skills associated with entrepreneurial mindset, and why those qualities are helpful for corporate leaders as well as for entrepreneurs
  • Review a sample Feedback Report of the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP) to see how it can be used to leverage entrepreneurial strengths and target areas for development
  • Experience the benefits of the EMP Development Guide
  • Determine how you can use the EMP with clients in a variety of contexts
  • Obtain one free administration of the EMP

Who Should Attend

This webcast is for coaches, consultants, organizational leaders and educators interested in growth and innovation.

About the Speaker: Jennifer Hall, Ph.D.

Jennifer Hall - Co-Author. Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile
A licensed clinical psychologist and small business owner, Jen discovered many years ago a passion for working with individual leaders and leadership teams across a wide variety of industries, helping them to leverage their strengths, enhance their working relationships, and realize their potential.  Jen worked closely with colleagues Mark Davis and Pam Mayer to author the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® (EMP). Since the its formal launch in 2013, she has been continually surprised and gratified by all the novel and interesting ways practitioners and clients have found to apply the EMP to help individuals and teams activate their latent capacity for entrepreneurial thinking and action.  Jen received her B.S. from Trinity College and her Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut.

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